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My Top Favorite Uses for My Stainless Steel Food Jar

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What if I told you, you could have a healthy, tasty lunch or snack for a fraction of the price of fast food, plus, you can have it wherever you go? Too good to be true? Not at all. When you have stainless steel food jars, your days of eating soggy, barely edible food are over.

07 3D BoxThese food jars have revolutionized the way we view brown-bagging it. They come in a compact 10 ounce size, have a non-slip and scratch resistant body, a wide mouth for easy filling and dining from, as well as a Thermax double wall lining – this is the key to keeping your hots hot and your colds cold – not all food containers can say the same.

So why do you absolutely need a stainless steel food jar? Not only will your food taste better and stay fresh longer, you will never stop putting these handy “funtainers” to use. Check out my top 10 uses for my stainless steel food jar.


Cartoon1If you have little ones, then you have got to get at least one of these stainless steel food jars. Imagine sending your child to school with a nice hot homemade lunch or yummy leftovers from last night’s casserole, over a salty pre-made lunch package. Your kids will never want to trade away a lunch put in their stainless steel food container. These food jars are perfect for tossing in fresh fruit or veggies, hot soups, stews or even juices or hot chocolate. The convenient size will fit perfectly into backpacks, gym bags, travel cup holders or purses.

Take them along for a quick snack after your child’s sports practice, dance lessons or when you drop them off at the babysitters. Fresh tasty snacks don’t have to be a hassle to pack when you have a stainless steel food jar.

Made to Travel

06 Jar with Hot Food in it (photoshop)Even if you don’t have children, these stainless steel food jars are still a must-have. Take them along on day trips to the park, zoo or beach. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a great lunch or snack without paying the high prices of a street vendor? If you love to hike, bike or fish in areas where you don’t have anywhere to eat, then these food containers are perfect. Take along some hot food in one, fresh fruit, pudding or even pie in another, while adding your beverage (coffee, tea or juice) to the third – this terrific trio equals a fresh and fabulous lunch alternative. Get a group of these stainless steel food jars all working for you and you have a picnic spread like no other.

Stop choking back soggy or unhealthy food when all you have to do is grab a stainless steel food jar. They are guaranteed to help you save money, time and calories when you pack a wholesome lunch. Fast food may be convenient, but it can’t compare to fresh food made at home with love and placed into a food jar that is sure to keep it the way it was intended – delicious get yours now at!



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