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Forehead Thermometer vs Traditional Thermometers

Mom with Thermee 2 All Ages Rounded V222It is never fun when someone is sick, especially if that someone is one of our children. We worry and wonder what may be the problem and do everything we know how to, to ease their symptoms. But before we can help them, we have to know what we are dealing with. Most often we will reach for a thermometer to start the process and to help us decide whether we need to rush our little patient to the emergency room or not.

However, not all thermometers are the same. Some are very uncomfortable and invasive, like the rectal thermometer. And the old-fashioned under the tongue ones can be difficult to use with young children and can also be frightening to an already upset youngster – how many times has your child thrown a fit over getting their temp taken?

Thank goodness there is a new “breed” of thermometers on the market today. These take the hassle and guess work out of getting an accurate temperature.

The Forehead Thermometer

Main-Image-Thermometer-V1This nifty little invention is accurate and non-invasive – it’s almost like something out of Star Trek. You simply depress the button and scan your child’s forehead. There is no contact made, it simply measures the infrared energy emitted from your little tikes forehead. Perfect for checking up on them in the middle of the night.

The thing I really like about the Forehead Thermometer is there is no way to transfer germs, as you never have to touch the patient. Plus, you don’t have to wash or clean it in between uses.

In addition, they have also made the Forehead Thermometer to measure the temperature of the milk in your baby’s bottle. No more shaking it on your wrist, this thermometer simply scans the outer bottle, the same way you would do on your child’s forehead.

The Drawbacks of the Forehead Thermometer?

Flying-Unit-thermomter-V1Since the Forehead Thermometer measures heat being emitted from your child’s skin, you have to be sure they are not sitting near a light source. Many children may have lamps by the bed or on the headboards, if these are shining directly on your child, you may get a false reading.

In addition, to assure an accurate measure, be sure to let the thermometer come to room temperature before you use it. This can be a problem if you store the device in a cool area, then bring it into a warmer room to know more information about this product visit this link

All-in-all, the Forehead Thermometer is a great invention that is sure to replace all those old digital ones on the market today. They save you a lot of time, hassle and worry when it comes to helping your child feel better. Get yours on their amazon page